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My name is David Allen Jones. I write about comics on the Internet, among other things. My main gig right now is a monthly comics review column, Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie, for I started blogging in 2002 at The Johnny Bacardi Show, which is currently on hiatus. I also have a Tumblr, and you can follow me on Twitter as well as Facebook.

This is a site for reference and discussion about the 1983-1984 comics series Thriller, published by DC Comics for twelve issues. Created by Robert Loren Fleming, and illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden. Issues 9-12 were done by William DuBay, writer, and Alex Nino, artist.

All concepts discussed in this blog are ©1983, 2012 DC Comics, Inc.


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  1. Why do I feel, that Angie Thriller is the one who watches the Watchmen as she also watches the rest of the DC universe. The recurring slogan “Who Watches the Watchmen?” Then In the final chapter of Watchmen, a similar phrase can be seen graffiti’d on a wall that Seymour walks past. Again, the tag is partly concealed, but enough is visible to make it clear what it says: “Watch the Skies”. Somehow it leads right back to Thriller.

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