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dangrove1Daniel Grove, the Seventh Second, was the son of world-renowned broadcast journalist Gardner Grove. He had a twin brother named Ken. His mother’s name was never revealed, and she died when Dan and Ken were infants, meaning that Dan never knew his mother. While Ken was eager to follow in their famous father’s footsteps, Dan was not, becoming a cameraman instead. On one of their assignments together, Ken was killed by the terrorist Scabbard, decapitated as Dan filmed. Despondent and depressed, he was preparing to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge when Angie Thriller appeared to him and recruited him to be a member of her Seven Seconds. The early issues chronicle how he found his niche and came to terms with his past, and a great deal of the first story arc (#’s 1-4) is seen through his perspective. Since he has no powers or special abilities, he is the “everyman” through whose eyes we get acquainted with Angie and her world.

Bill DuBay, in issue 12, gave us a possible future for Dan- as Ronald Morris’ replacement as SNN News anchor.



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