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Anthony Salvotini, nicknamed “Salvo”, is the son of Peter and Marietta Salvotini, as well as brother to Angeline Salvotini Thriller. He is a weapons expert and phenomenally good marksman.

When Tony was a young boy, he started a fire in his house which resulted in the death of his father and the blinding of his mother. Later, when he was in the military in a Rapid Deployment Force stationed in the Middle East, three men took an ambassador hostage, and Tony was ordered to shoot the three kidnappers from a rooftop three blocks away. He shot and killed three men, but because of the distance involved he couldn’t distinguish their features, and he accidentally shot the man he was sent to save. Because of the political furor that resulted, the government was forced to give him a dishonorable discharge. This made him decide to become such a good shot that he wouldn’t need to kill- not out of pacifistic urges, but because killing could be so “inconvenient”. He soon adopted the motto “Only flesh wounds…only outpatients! I won’t kill a fly, so don’t ask me!”

Salvo is romantically involved with Janet Valentine, aka White Satin.

Tony is also one of a select few people who Angie can merge with to manifest herself, due to their similar genetic structure. She and Salvo often converse as Angie makes her face appear in his palm. His sister also helps him perform difficult stunts such as leaping from a skyscraper rooftop and landing on a moving vehicle, as in issue #2.


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